Best Affiliate Programs For WordPress Niche Bloggers

For many people across the globe, WordPress is a livelihood. No doubt WordPress is the best open source CMS so far, but it is also the best source of daily income for lot of people. Many people who are developers are making money by developing and selling WordPress plugins, themes and by providing professional WordPress services.

But what about people who are not techy, how do they earn from WordPress? Well, non-technical people are using WordPress to promote products and do affiliate marketing.

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People who are blogging on WordPress topics (WordPress Niche) can also earn from affiliate sells of different WordPress premium products. Most of premium WordPress products do have affiliate programs as well. So, if you have a WordPress niche then you can join one or more such affiliate programs and promote o your blog to earn more.

Typically, the earning from affiliate selling of WordPress products can vary from $1 to $300 or more than that.

The whole concept is you must join the affiliate program and promote that product on your blog in your post, e.g. you write a review about a WordPress plugin and leave your referral link to the product. When someone buys the product from your referral link then you get paid your commission for the sell.
For those with WordPress niche blog, I have a huge list of best Affiliate Programs for WordPress Niche. Here I will be listing 13 best affiliate programs for WordPress and you can join any of them or all of them depending on your choice.

List of WordPress Affiliate Programs for Marketing

Affiliate programs for WordPress can be categorized into the below ones.
  • WordPress Affiliate Programs for Themes
  • WordPress Affiliate Programs for Plugins
  • WordPress Affiliate Programs for Affiliate Marketplace
  • WordPress Affiliate Programs for Hosting
So, let’s start with our list of affiliate programs for WordPress that you can join and promote on your blog.

WordPress Affiliate Programs for Themes

There are tons of WordPress themes affiliate programs available in the market. Here I am sharing some of the best affiliate programs that can earn you good money.

Genesis Theme Affiliate Program

Affiliate Programs For WordPress Niche
At present Genesis Theme Framework for WordPress is one of the best theme framework. Genesis framework is widely used by WordPress theme developers. Genesis is product from STUDIOPRESS which has a very good brand name in the market. Hence promoting Genesis framework will not be a difficult task for you.
Here are some of the features of the Genesis Theme Affiliate Program
  • 35% straight commission.
  • Managed by ShareASale affiliate market place
  • Tow-Tier affiliate program
  • 60 days’ cookie period

ThemeForest WordPress Themes Affiliate Program

ThemeForest is another best option for affiliate marketing for WordPress niche. There are hundreds of quality premium themes available under ThemeForest. You can select any of these themes and promote on your blog.
For every successful sale, you will get a 30% commission from ThemeForest.

Theme Junkie Affiliate Program

Theme Junkie is another good affiliate program for WordPress themes. You can easily join this program and promote it on your blog. Commission rate is high, you will get 50% commission for every sale that you make.

WordPress Affiliate Programs for Plugins

Unlike the WordPress themes affiliate programs, Plugins marketing is very volatile in nature. You cannot stick to a single plugin for a long period. You must always look for new and popular plugins to promote on your blog.
WordPress plugins market is highly competitive in nature and everyday a new plugin with better feature is emerging. So, plugin marketing is bit tougher than themes marketing. You should remain very active and gain knowledge about new plugins.
Having said that, I am still going to list out some of the plugin affiliate programs that you can opt for.

Yoast Affiliate Program

Yoast SEO plugin is one of the most popular WordPress SEO plugin. In addition to the free version of YoastSEO, there exists a premium version as well. You can opt for this plugin promotion on your blog and earn some good amount of money. Yoast Affiliate program gives 25% commission for each sale you make.

Revive Social Affiliate Program (Revive Old Post Plugin)

You can promote Revive Old Post plugin and earn good amount or money. Revive Old Post is a very good plugin to promote old blog posts. Here is a plan of how much you can earn with Revive Social affiliate plugin.
  • Personal plan sells for $75 – you earn $41.25
  • Busines plan sells for $149– you earn $81.95
  • Marketer plan sells for $299 – you earn $164.45

Revive Social Affiliate Program (Revive Network Plugin)

Revive Network is another plugin for Revive Social that you can opt for affiliate marketing. This is a latest product for Revive Social and getting a good market share. Revive Network is a very good plugin to grow your social network communities.
Commission Details as below:
  • Personal plan sells for $75 – you earn $41.25
  • Business plan sells for $149– you earn $81.95
  • Marketer plan sells for $299 – you earn $164.45

WordPress Affiliate Programs for Affiliate Marketplace

Affiliate market place or an affiliate network is an intermediate between the merchant and the publishers or the affiliates. Most of the WordPress affiliate sells occurs thorough these affiliate market places only. Most of the merchant sells their products through these market places as they are hassle free and you do not have to maintain your own affiliate servers and software.
Here I am going to list out some of the best and high paying affiliate market places where you can register and gain the most.


ShareASale is the largest affiliate market place with more than 4000 merchants and countless affiliates. Below are some of the highlights of SharaAsale network:
  • Largest Partner Network: It has got highest merchant networks than any other platform, so you have more option of selecting products.
  • Quick Payment Cycle: ShareASale payment cycle is on 20th of every month and the minimum pay-out is $50.
  • Better Reporting Tool: It has got a better reporting tool to find out your sales, leads, hits etc.
  • Easy to Compare Offers: You can compare different offers easily as it provides different metrics to evaluate.


Best Affiliate Programs for WordPress
ClickBank is another popular affiliate market place and is a money-making platform for the affiliate marketers. On ClickBank it is extremely easy to get your affiliate ID and track ID.
Joining and referring products on ClickBank is very easy and effortless.


JVZoo is another market place which is widely use by internet marketers and affiliates across the world. It has go some of the good WordPress themes and plugins that you can pick up to promote on your blog.
  • Some features of JVZoo:
  • Lifetime cookies
  • Payout via PayPal
  • Earn upto 100% instant commissions
  • Two Tier Affiliate Commissions Paid on Select Products

WordPress Affiliate Programs for Hosting

Web hosting affiliate marketing is one of the evergreen sold products. If you are having a blog with WordPress niche or you promote WordPress products on your blog, then promoting WordPress hosting can rapidly increase your affiliate earning potential.
Web-hosting promotion has also a very good conversion rate. So here are some handpicked WordPress hosting affiliate programs that you can join and start promoting n your blog. You can select either of them or select all of them.

Hostgator Affiliate Program

Best Affiliate Programs For WordPress
Hostgator is a very popular entity in the market across the globe in the field of Web Hosting. Lots of WordPress powered sites are hosted on Hostgator. Newbie who starts blogging, choose Hostgator most of the time because of its cheap price and quality of services.
  • You can earn up to $125 per qualifying sign up.
  • For 1-5 sign up per month you get $50 / Sign up
  • For 6-10 sign up per month you get $75 / Sign up
  • For 11-20 sign up per month you get $100 / Sign up
  • For 21+ sign up per month you get $125 / Sign up

Dreamhost Affiliate Program

Dreamhost is one of the most popular hosting company when it comes to WordPress hosting. Dreamhost also has very attractive affiliate program for bloggers. You can earn up to $120 for each successful referral.

Bluehost Affiliate Program

Besr Affiliate Programs For WordPress NIche
You can join Bluehost’s affiliate program and start earning. You can earn unlimited from Bluehost’s affiliate program. There is a dedicated team of experts in the company who can provide you help and support to start with your affiliate program.
For each successful referral, you get $65 per referral.

WP Engine Affiliate Program

When it comes to WordPress hosting WP Engine is the best and reliable, trusted by most of the reputed brands like Yoast, ReadersDigest, SoundCloud etc. WP Engine’s affiliate program looks very attractive to me. Here are some of the highlights of WP Engine’s affiliate program:
  • $200 per new customer or 100% of the customer’s first month payment whichever is higher.
  • 2-tier affiliate referrals, that is you get $50 per customer your sub-affiliates refer.
  • Incentive bonus commission which starts at 5 sales per month.
Options in WordPress affiliate marketing are endless, so these are my list of best affiliate programs for a WordPress niche. However, there are lots of other affiliate programs that you can consider joining.
I request all my readers to share their views and experience in WordPress affiliate programs and what works good and what does not work for them because sharing is caring my friends.