25+ Best Android Apps of 2019 You Have to Install

My best recommended best Android apps from the Google Play Store that we use every day. Whether you are looking for a perfect app to scan your documents, Internet Security, take notes or edit videos, Then go ahead and make your picks and install 

The Following Android apps can be downloaded from the Play Store or any other App download site, but i strongly recommend you download all your Android app from Play Store for free though some do offer inexpensive in-app purchases for unlocking premium features so ahead and give a try.

FakeGPSYou can easily fake your location on the mobile phone. Any app or website that uses location - Baddo, Google or even Maps for example - Inmmagin changing your location from Owerri to California USA
QuicklyQuyckly is app that easily allow you to put your frequently used apps and contacts in the notification bar and access them from any screen by simply swiping down the 

They're other Alternatives to this, but i just pick the above because of there functions, don't ove load your phone with app. share and comment thanks.

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