How to Configure Windows 7 Homegroups to Share Files Between PCs

Widow7 Homegroup feature, was one of the futures Microsoft introduce to window 7. It's actually the simplest way to share files between two Window pcs, and it takes seconds to set up. If you have more than one computer in your home (or easily share files to your friends when they come around)

In the article, we will be talking how to setup window 7 homegroups, But you need a computer that is running on window 7,8,10 same setting are applied. but it won't work with Window XP or Window Vista

Follow theses steps-up  window 7 homegroup

Click Start menu then Control Panel, go to Network and Internet, and click on HomeGroup. You can also type "homegroup" in the Start menu's search box.

now you can Create a Homegroup if one isn't already set up. When you first join your home network, it may have already created one for you, unless the computer is new and has not been linked to any connections. you should already see most of the following options on the main Control Panel page—no need to go through the window wizard.

First, the window wizard will ask you what you want to share with the other computers in your house. you click on things you want to share like Pictures library, your Music library, your Videos library, your Documents library, and any printers hooked up to your machine. You can't choose specific folders on your machine to share with Homegroup, but you can add them to one of those libraries to get it sharing.

A password will appear write down, print it and distribute to other people connected to your homegroup. For now, you can ignore this, since we're going to set the password ourselves. Click Finish.

After typing in that password on all your Windows 7 machines, you'll be able to access any files on those machines right from Windows Explorer. If you have a friend that comes over and wants a file, you can just give them the password to your homegroup (though they'll need to access to your Wi-Fi network as a "Home" network

How to Manage Existing HomeGroup

To connect more computer 's to the homegroup, go to the main computer’s control panel, then click HomeGroup 

You can prevent some files or folders from being shared, and you can share additional libraries later. You can also make your computer act like a DNLA server by checking the Stream my pictures, music, and videos to all devices on my home network option. 

Your homegroup is protected with a password, and was giving to you when you setup homegroup which you can change at any time. Click the View or print the homegroup password to view the password:

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