Mistakes You Should Never Make When Using Facebook

As we all know Facebook is the most popular social networking site in the World, do to is simple platform, people prefer to connect on Facebook than in real time. In fact, at any level, people prefer friendship over Facebook to be more crucial than meeting people in real life. This is a big irony, but that’s why things are shaping up. Facebook addiction is nothing new, and it doesn’t matter how great your life is or not, on Facebook you can live your life anyway you like it.

Facebook is all about socializing, I hear people saying they're some demonic people on facebook, lol the fact is that there are many mistakes which we often make on Facebook, which haunt us at every point of time. No matter, if you just started with Facebook or using it for long-time, there are some common ground rule of Facebook, that you should follow and avoid making silly mistakes. Here I’m i will be writing on some silly facebook mistakes you should at all time try to avoid

Facebook Mistakes You Should Avoid

Facebook is Social Network, not a dating site so is all about connecting with people, and making new friends. But, at the same time, there is a huge difference between accepting someone request you really want to, and accepting someone request just for the sake of it. In recent time Facebook has already added many security features to stop random people add you, and at the same time stop you from adding random people in mass. If you add lots of people in short-time, you will not be allowed to add new users for certain time-period. Moreover, if you have sent random friend request to many users, they could report it, and your account might be disabled

So in any manner of way avoid adding random people to your friend list, Add and accept only those people whom you know, or people you want to connect with, Don't add or accept people you know for sure you will never find time to socialize, sometimes when you see some girls facebook account, you get more than 100+ unread message, in a long run this will do more bad than any good, if your idea is just to grow friend list and get people to like your photos

Don’t post your picture with public privacy:

This is one common mistake most of the Facebook users make. The idea of getting likes and comments on new updates is always tempting, you just can't be tagging people when you know they're not in the picture with you, always post your photos in privacy setting for the updates are set to friends only This will ensure your’s and your family safe from thousands of stalkers around. currently, they have been a high scam on Facebook, people identity stolen,  Some facebook account hacked,

Don’t unfriend people:

We are human and we are bound to make mistakes, I know some people took out time on the first day of January to unfriend some of there friends on Facebook or one fine day, you might be low in your life, or angry with a certain friend, and the first thing which you might want to do is unfriend him or her. This is one stupid mistake which you should never make, as unfriending someone is seen as offending. I have made such mistakes in the past, and I know how much damage it does. With time your problem will be solved, but you can’t undo what you did. So a good idea is:

  • Don’t send random request or accept random people on your friend list
  • Don’t unfriend people until you have a very good reason, and especially not when you are angry.

Mind the photos/post you share on facebook

Some people now live there life on facebook, posting everything about themselves, when you browse through facebook, you see a lot of photos and post that are not supposed to, some girls go far as trying to expose there nude on facebook, some guys try to show up their flamboyant lifestyle ask yourself a question are you living your social life trying to impress people or to make yourself happy and better. No matter her bad your relationship keep it personal don't post it on facebook.

In this article, I'm not trying to teach you how to use facebook But my goal to, stop you from making those silly mistakes on Facebook, which might end up embarrassing you later.

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