Earning with Admob

Admob serve as an ads network and an ads mediation network within your app, they display ads like interstitial, rewarded video or banner and native ads. There are even other options out there, these are the most popular and recommended widely

How do I earn with Admob: you have to have basic knowledge of programming or hire someone. is very easy to open an AdMob account, but have an AdMob account won't just start generating income. before you think of earn, first think of investment. you have to invest to earn. if you don't have money, you have to invest your time... 

Investing your time is you building your first app, investing your money is you hiring some to build an app for you. you need an app to make any cent from AdMob. After your app has been created or even while building your app, you will want to think of how and when to show and advert. You must also be careful that you aren’t showing ads too often, doing this will annoy the user and they will most likely stop using your app.

Making money with admob, depends on  Impression RPM, country, CPC. It has a CPM(Cost Per thousand impressions) is $1 and if the visitors are from Tier 1 countries like USA, UK, Italy etc then the CPM would range from $3-$4. and most of all you need daily active users. not about how many people that download your app, but how many are active users, 

After you have successfully had your app running and your admob banner and interstitial ads are displaying you need to have your ID ready for verification. there is what is called threshold when you get to $10 you need to verify your Identity, here a lot of people have difficulty with.. your name must look exactly the way it appears on your ID. for Nigerian's recommend you use your (permanent voters card, pvc) because of that's what i used. after your ID verification, the next step is address pin verification. Google will mail you a pin, via the address you provided, but most times, you might not get the pin, in a country like Nigeria, but don't panic this not a problem, after 3 failed attempts to deliver your pin, you will have the option to verify with ID, you can use your (permanent voters card, pvc) . after you completed your verifications. you aim towards your first withdraw threshold which is $100. Share with others